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About Me

Amanda R. Riley, M.A.
Registered Psychotherapist | (She/Her/Hers)

Empathy. Integrity. Recovery.


My Approach: Client-Centred/Shared Decision-Making Model

A highly collaborative client-centred (the focus is on YOU) approach allows you to choose your direction in therapy and determine the goals that you want to work on. This type of approach to treatment aims to guide and support clients, with the belief that clients can identify solutions to their problems with the support of a therapist. As I encourage you to challenge yourself, I also encourage you to challenge me. It is okay to ask questions! (In fact, I encourage it). 


I bring my authentic self to the sessions meaning that my investment in the process, my compassion and even my sense of humour will be present (my dog Winston will also likely be there). Fun fact, Winston has been employee of the month EVERY month. (That pooch has perfect attendance too). I observe patterns and bring both kind and direct attention to them. The basis of quality psychotherapy is trust. I actively work with you to cultivate trust so that I become your guide in healing. I value using a trauma-informed approach that employs evidence-based (based on the current research) interventions and treatment modalities that appropriately match your specific needs. 

My approach is honest, direct and psychoeducational (I'll teach you things). I hope you learn something new each session, and psychoeducation is a great way to have a tangible takeaway (like suggested readings or homework). I offer an unbiased, non-judgmental perspective that is trauma-informed. Contrary to prehistoric principles of the therapist as the "blank slate" or "Tabula Rasa," I am a human, and my disposition is warm, genuine and empathetic.

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