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About Me.

Amanda R. Riley, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist She/Her/Hers

If you're worried about clichéd therapy sessions, don't be! No more laying on a couch, staring at the ceiling while I play Freud. I bring a modern, relatable approach to therapy, supporting you in overcoming life's challenges and enhancing your mental well-being. I like to keep things collaborative and client-centred, so you're always in control. Don't be shy about challenging me or asking questions – that's what I'm here for! With my non-judgmental, and trauma-informed perspective, we'll work through your challenges together. Expect direct, honest, and psychoeducational sessions that will teach you new things and give you practical takeaways. Plus, I always use evidence-based interventions that match your individual needs. We’ll also have productive conversations that assist you in developing new skills and new ways of responding to the world around you. Let's get started!


I Get it.

Here's My 

Video from Top 40 under Forty Business Achievement Awards

Time to get up close and personal, don't you think?

I am a DIY queen, and my husband and I love working on various home projects, renovations, and interior design. We are all in on all things house-related!

I'm all about that plant-based lifestyle, and I’m a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan and Swiftie.

Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. My adorable dog, Winston, is my best buddy. (See photo for quick Dopamine hit).

I'm guilty of having an occasional sweet tooth, but let's face it—who can resist a salty snack? I guess you could say I have an affinity for all kinds of snacks. 

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Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get  Started?

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