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Clinical Supervision
for Psychotherapists

I am trained in different modalities of Clinical Supervision and Consultation. I have been a Clinical Supervisor for advanced and Masters level students since 2013. ​


I offer Clinical Supervision and Consultations to Qualifying Psychotherapists, members of the CRPO, and Registered Psychotherapists in the mental health field who are motivated to have a space to reflect on their practice. ​


My clinical supervision and consultations approach is focused on a collaborative perspective to facilitate reflection and conceptualization, trusting the supervisee’s internal resources, work, and life experiences. Clinical supervision is a self-care practice, professional development and safe and effective use of self.


Benefits of Online Therapy

Online Shopping from Home


 Book anywhere, anytime, online. We know life is busy and therapy shouldn't feel like fitting in another obligation. Online therapy is the perfect way to work on your goals and get support. You decide how you want to receive the services-from anywhere with any device you choose.

Snow in the city

Consistent Therapy

Decreases absences due to poor weather, illness, car trouble, etc. Lapses in regular appointments can lead to a regression in progress.

Luxurious Cabin in Winter


Online therapy provides accessibility to individuals who have a disability, are housebound or have small children and no childcare. It also allows access to mental health treatment to people in rural or remote areas across Ontario.

Person on laptop from above

Physical Comfort

We value comfort during our sessions, and invite you to take advantage of the virtual space and to come as you are, even in your sweatpants! Messy hair, snacks, and furry friends are all welcome.

Car Dashboard

Cost/Time Efficient

 Save money on gas and travel time. No annoying commutes to an office. 

Driving long distances and taking significant time out of a busy schedule to seek in-person therapy can be a barrier for some people.

Using Tablet in Bed

Psychological Comfort

You only need an internet connection and a quiet, comfortable space. No awkward waiting room encounters with someone you might know.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get  Started?

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