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Brain with butterflys and flowers

Meet Your Therapy Team

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Brain with butterflys and flowers

What does the "Qualifying or Q mean"?

This means that a Supervisee has completed their education, a Master of Arts and is now licensed to provide therapy in Ontario under supervision. All newly licensed Registered Psychotherapists undergo a Qualifying period where they work with a clinical supervisor who is a Registered Psychotherapist, has extensive experience in the field and has undergone training to provide supervision.


Working with a Qualifying Psychotherapist (R.P., Q) or a graduate-level Psychotherapy student is safe and mutually beneficial. As the client, you will benefit from affordable rates, and the therapist will be under close Clinical Supervision. All students and qualifying Psychotherapists must complete supervised practice while working towards their registration with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario. Each of our therapists brings different skills and strengths to therapy. We integrate various approaches and use what is best suited for each person.

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